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Spyrol (demo)
ELVENPATH is a band I follow and support for a long time. This band was one of my "Future Stars" (Metal Integral zine n° 24 / February 2004)!

I even met Till the leader and guitarist, a really cool and nice guy that even speak (and write) French! After 2 demos (Demo 2002 and Gateways in 2004) ELVENPATH had some problems to find a stable formation?and time has passed, and I read from time to time "Newsletters" sent by Till showing he continued to believe in its band.

So when I found the band on Myspace with a new song (Metal War which is not on the Demo) it made me feel happy for Till and its project! Then the band participated to "HEAVY METAL SHOCK" recently.

Finally I received this Demo EP. Well I must admit ELVENPATH is better than ever with this new musicians and singer! It seems that the band take pleasure to compose long Heavy Metal songs that revisited 80's bands like Helloween, Manowar (mostly in Metal War or Northern Son) with a touch of Hammerfall. There is a very good and powerful production for a Demo. Burning Skies a 8 minutes song open this Demo, speed rhythms, catchy chorus and a long calm break, all the 80's ingredients are there for our pleasure! All is perfectly done and ELVENPATH really crossed a level! Then Priest of War you have certainly listen to if you have participated to "HEAVY METAL SHOCK", a more Helloween song but played with a really good Heavy Metal power and tempo, a song that will turn the crowd on fire!

Then the Demo finishes with Northern Son a 10 minutes that shows another face from the band. A kind of Heavy ballad done for Vikings! 3 songs not original but played with conviction and Passion!

If you add Metal War the most Epic song, I can say the next ELVENPATH CD will be various but always Melodic Heavy Metal! And it should be ready in few months with 7 songs. I will finish this review with "Heavy Metal 'TILL' the End" or "I s'TILL' loving you" !!!

THE VERDICT = considering it's a 3rd Demo

RASKAL The French Warrior gives a 17/20

RASKAL The Objective gives a 17/20

The French Warrior speaks with its Heart and is more interested by the essence of the songs / cover / attitudes

The Objective takes all with a more "professional" vision (production, way to play, to sing...) and tries to be neutral.
Date de publication : jeudi 10 juillet 2008