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HELLTOWN - Lead to hell

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  CD - Année : 2006
Provenance du disque : Acheté
11titre(s) - 58minute(s)

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Auteur : Raskal
Date de publication : 12/12/2007
Heavy metal do brasiiiiilllll !
Lecteurs francophones, sachez que cette chronique a été réalisée initialement en anglais pour mon blog, avant que ne re démarre le site de Metal Integral. Plutôt que de vous proposer une traduction approximative, je préfère vous laisser la version originale. Merci de votre compréhension.

First of all I have to tell you that if I discovered “MYSPACE”, it’s because I discover by accident the page from this Brazilian band! So first of all “THANX HELLTOWN” for your Video and your song Run For Action that re gave me “Underground" sensations after two “difficult” years! So no need to say that HELLTOWN was my first “MYSPACE Friend” and it’s not gonna be easy to stay objective with this review! But I will, promise! The thing that really surprised me is the way to play by these young Heavy MetalHeads!

You will find 12 songs in this CD and first I was saying in my head “Half will be really good and half average because they won’t be able to be perfect during nearly one hour!”…I was wrong…From the opening song Run For Action to Reach The Highest Mountain drums, guitars and bass will create a very personal sound and way to compose.Ok, they can thanx very much IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST or ACCEPT (but HELLTOWN knows how to create their proper killer riffs); some of you will say “they didn’t created anything” we have already heard that…Hahahaha I would respect your opinion but you shouldn’t love Underground to say that! HELLTOWN create a pure HEAVY METAL universe that so much bands forgot to turn themselves to melodic Speed Metal or Actual Hard or Heavy Metal, a wonderful 80’s Heavy Metal without fault!

Choruses, rhythmic, soli, atmosphere, the CD cover, their videos (I invite you to watch them on their page), all secure the Headbangers we are! Of course songs like Run For Action, Breaking The Time or Alone In The Night, Helltown or Higher Than You could be called “Hits” but believe me each song has its quality and will bring you to Heavy Metal Paradise…!

So after Paradise I have to talk about Purgatory…Yes I’m oblige to talk about the only thing to improve rapidly…Symone SYANN’s voice. Please forgive me Symone !!!You have a voice done for Heavy Metal (sincerely) but you have to sing better to make HELLTOWN a band that could play in “First League”! “Underground Die Hard” like me, doesn’t mind about this, but other fans don’t! For examples, the pre chorus in the song Wanted or on Forever A Rebel…So I didn’t say Symone’s voice isn’t good all the time, only it have to be more just on some parts for sure…But with work and time I’m sure she will be perfect next time!

My conclusion will be: BUY or DIE if you are into Underground Heavy Metal! Support this band, they did a really good CD with 12 songs, a cool cover, they did Videos, they search a Label for Europe, so they move their asses to gain attention (but without pretentiousness I guaranty that)! So let’s LEAD THEM TO SUCCESS!

NOTES 2010 = The band split unfortunally....

THE VERDICT = considering it's a first long CD

Artistic part (cover/booklet…): 5/5
Interest for 80’s Heavy Metal Fans: 5/5
Interest for Traditional Metal fans in general: 3/5
RASKAL The French Warrior : 18/20
RASKAL The Objective : 17/20
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