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Future Star
Style : Epic Heavy Metal
Nationalité : Italie 

Biographie :  WARBRINGER was born by an idea of Lord, singer and once member of Dark Horizon and Stormblade, with the intention to play an old school Epic Metal, with Doom and Dark influences.

After got the right co-operation with Pex, once guitarist of Helgrind, Eternae and Stormblade, they composed and recorded nine tracks of witch seven on the cd.

Considering the absence of a line up, they adapted their selves to record the cd with a sequencer as drums. The result is an Epic evocative metal, with Dark atmospheres.

Now WARBRINGER is a true band, made up of Andrew Moretz as guitarist, Al Rockraven as bass guitarist and Karl Linger as drummer. With this line up, WARBRINGER did various shows, always offering powerful, intense and evocative performances.

The lyrics are freely taken from the tales and books that made the story of fantasy and epic literature.

Cimmerian blood talks about the Conan Saga of R.Howard; "The course of the white wolf" treats of Imrryr destruction by Elric of Melnibonnè; "Rowena" about the legend of Druss of D.Gemmel; "Whispers" is a consideration about the war and "Promised land" is a musical homage by Lord to his father. Finally, "Bringer of war"is a hypothetic stir up by a leader to his troops to fight for own freedom.

The band is looking for a production and distribution agreement in order to realize a full length cd with the strong intention to promote it during the live shows.

In the beginning of 2006, after a great gig supporting ASSEDIUM, Pex left the band
This decision has taken due to musical divergences between Lord and Pex, and a long stop followed it

During this stop, Karl Linger choosed to leave the band too.

The new formation was completed only in July 2006, when Adrian Columbus and Max Cannonball become fully WARBRINGER's members, 'till now the band are working on the new material and soon they will come back on stage...
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